I am more than thrilled to welcome you all to GAB’s website. Tour guides are, unquestionably, the human face of the tourism industry. The success or failure of tourism in the country, therefore, hinges on the tour guides too. As such, GAB’s core mission is to promote the highest degree of professionalism amongst all tour guides by helping them meliorate their skills and knowledge. Towards this endeavor, we assure that all the registered tour guides of the association have their relevant certificates, qualifications and experiences verified, besides exploring ways through trainings and workshops how we can supplement their skills and knowledge. We feel that further professionalizing and enhancing the quality of tour guides in the country is pivotal if we are to create a standard or higher up the image of Bhutanese tour guides. This website is, therefore, a repository of information on all member guides of the association. We also feel that this will have all the necessary information relevant not only to travelers or tourists planning to have an adventurous and unique experience in Bhutan, but also to all concerned stakeholders in Bhutan’s tourism industry. 

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