Accommodation and Meal

Visitors or tourists visiting Bhutan through local tour operators are accommodated in a minimum of three-star standard hotels and resorts.

A few luxury hotels and resorts are also established at some places for comfortable stay in Bhutan. However, these are offered or come up with additional costs. And while traditional Bhutanese cuisine is common throughout the country, which is very hot and spicy, visitors are served milder and palatable dishes, and also have the choice for regional and continental dishes.


Trekking in Bhutan involves treading through passes as high as 5,500 meter with spectacular landscape and breathtaking views of the mighty Himalayan Mountain range. Possibilities for day hikes are also enormous all over Bhutan. Whether it is a short one or a few hour walk, or a strenuous full day hikes, one will definitely enjoy beautiful scenery, pure atmosphere and a serene environment here.