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The publication was launched in celebrations of the 36th birth anniversary of His Majesty the King and the International Tour Guide Day. Participants present at the launch comprise a few members of the association, GAB’s Chairman Garab Dorji, employees and staff of GAB’s Secretariat Office.

GAB’s Chairman thanked the members of the association who had come for the launch. “It’s heartening that such an important publication is launched on such an important day,” he addressed the congregation, assuring that the publication would be done expansively and in a bigger way from next year.

Bhutan Tour Guide Directory 2016, meanwhile, envisions providing travelers and tour operators with all the necessary information of guides, such as their names and addresses, years in this profession, area of specialization, their expertise in languages, educational background and trainings, and contact information, and information about Bhutan.

It’s also expected to be extremely beneficial in providing information to tourists and tour operators to promote Bhutan as an exotic tourism destination.

GAB published a total of 2,000 copies of Bhutan Tour Guide Directory 2016 from the financial support of Nu 200,000 that it received from Tourism Council of Bhut

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