Bhutan Township

We will achieve this by enabling guides to unite into one representative body able to:


  • The common voice of all guides in Bhutan at the national and international level.


  • The shared interests of all guides.
  • The image of Bhutanese guides.


  • The highest degree of professionalism amongst all guides by:
    • Developing and implementing a universal code of ethics and skills;
    • Upgrading and promoting guide quality; and
    • Combating untrained and unqualified guides.
  • Pride and respect amongst guides for Bhutan’s unique cultural, historical and natural heritage.
  • The guiding profession as an important and worthy profession in the tourism industry and as a permanent and attractivecareer for the Bhutanese youth.
  • A sense of fellowship and friendship amongst guides.


  • Guides with respect to their knowledge of Bhutan’s history, culture and other aspects of the country.
  • Guides to enhance their leadership and guiding skills.


  • Guides by providing them with relevant information on the policies of the Government, tourism industry and any other matters of interest which may be of benefit to them.
  • The general public, tourists and other stakeholders of theimportance and value of professionally accredited tour guides to the country.
  • Guides of the principles of Gross National Happiness.