About GAB

Guide Association of Bhutan (GAB) is a non-profit, Mutual Benefit Organization established to empower and professionalize tour guides and the guiding profession in the country.

The Association was founded on February 27, 2009, with the objectives of bringing all guides under one roof to develop a sense of friendship, fellowship and professionalism among them and render a common platform for guides to voice out their grievances and setbacks that undermine the image and shared interests of all guides.

GAB envisions for the highest degree of professionalism amongst all guides so that they excel in their craft. Towards this endeavor, the Association has its Code of Conduct that all of its members must adhere to, besides conducting several trainings and workshops to hone and meliorate the quality of guides in the country.

The Association also maintains a database of all guides with relevant information about their contact, education background and work experiences so that relevant information pertaining to the tourism industry and any other matters of interest to them could be timely disseminated accordingly.

And in what has been a major achievement for GAB since its inception, the Association became one of the first organizations to be officially registered with Bhutan’s newly established Civil Society Organization Authority in June 2010.